General sales conditions


General sales conditions

1)      Unless stipulated differently, our offers are noncommittal.

2)      To conclude the discussions between both parties, we are only bound by our written acceptance of the customer's order and its modifications.

3)      Particular designs or drawings made by / for us on request of the customer, remain our property.  These costs will be invoiced if the order involved has not been placed within three months.

4)      The pattern plates remain our full property, even if  they are invoiced partially.

5)      The customer guarantees us against all consequences of  legal claims, if they should be set up by reason of  manufacturing of castings covered by a patent of a registered trademark.

6)      The goods will be or are intended to be received at Citybel, unless a special agreement has been made.

7)      The delivery period starts on the client's order acceptance date.  When both parties have agreed fixed delivery periods, this by exception and emphatically agreed, these will be prolonged in case of circumstances beyond one's control or by any other cause beyond Citybel's will.  Citybel needs to inform the customer immediately of his incapacity to fulfil the commitments.

8)      The delivery of the castings is intended to be done "from Citybel".  Even if particular conditions stipulate differently, circumstances beyond one's control discharge us from delivery on the spot ;  in this case the delivery will be done at the nearest station.

9)      The contractual delivery prices are determined according to the current raw materials rates and salaries.  If they increase, we have the right to increase the prices as well.

10)   We have the right to cancel the agreement, even during its execution, if the client fails to pay an invoice or if he does not have a sufficient solvability warranty.

11)   All deliveries made according to our catalogue are guaranteed until the final reception of the goods, but the slightest arrear of payment discharges us from this guarantee.

12)   Our guarantee will only cover the free replacement of the cast iron goods with bad execution that is recognized by us.  This replacement will be carried out in the shortest delivery time as possible.  In no case, an allowance can be claimed to us when the damage is caused, directly or indirectly, by people or goods, operation costs, treatment processes, assembly, etc…

13)   Complaints regarding the invoices or the goods must be sent to us within 8 days after reception of the goods.

14)   The goods of which the customer requires replacement, must be sent back to us free of charge.  In any case we preserve the right to first investigate the correctness of the claimed faults at the customer's company.

15)   The repair of damaged goods carried out by the client himself without our permission, involves the loss of the guarantee right.

16)   The reception of the goods will always be done at our company at the customer's expenses, and this within 8 days after notification, unless special conditions have been stipulated in the agreement,

17)   Unless special agreement, no payment can be postponed nor amount can be deducted from our account in case of damaged pieces to be replaced or if the customer makes repairs at the pieces himself.

18)   All invoices not paid on the validity date,  will be increased by collecting costs and by 12 % interest.   If an invoice has not been paid within 8 days after a request for payment by registered mail, it will be increased moreover by a firm compensation of 10 % and a minimum of 250 Euro as indemnity. 

19)   Clause of reservation of property : The goods remain property of the seller until the invoice has been paid.  All risks are to the account of the buyer.  The paid advances remain property of the seller as compensation for possible loss in case of resale.

20)   Clause of claim transfer : In case of resale of the goods, even if they are processed, the buyer will take over, as from that moment, all claims resulting from this resale.

21)   In case of dispute, only the Brussels Court is competent.




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